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Your Religious Dating App is an Imposter

Aside from being guilty of market fragmentation based on religion and or region, your religious dating app is also (probably) an imposter. We mean… your Christian (for example) dating community is not actually operated by a church or a religious organisation.

Market Fragmentation based on Religion

There are a few dating app developing companies who fragment the market to make more money. You can read about market fragmentation here.

One of the best ways they can fragment the market is to build apps that they target at members of religious communities. This is a clever ploy because religion often plays a very important role in choosing what products and services a devoted follower will use. It is logical that when an a Christian see a Christian dating app, they might be likely to download and start paying because they believe they are within their religious community. The same goes for Muslims, Adventists, Catholics, LDS, Jewish, etc.

Unfortunately, many of the apps that appear to religious are merely an identical copy of other apps by the same developer that have different target user groups, be they religious or racial, based on body size or hobbies, or something else altogether.

Below, we have included a list of apps that are religiously targeted but not owned or operated by a religious organisation.

Religion-Focussed Apps without Religious Owners/Affiliation

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