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That Regional Dating App is NOT Regional!

Aside from being guilty of market fragmentation based on country, region or race… your regional dating app is probably also just a tiny cog in a huge wheel. We mean… that app that specialises in Singapore dating is actually run by a company in America, Cyprus, or some other far-flung location. And the developers have built an app for every country or region they can think of – all of the apps the same, just with a different user group.

Market Fragmentation based on Region

There are a few dating app developing companies who fragment the market to make more money. You can read about market fragmentation here.

One of the best ways they can fragment the market is to build apps that they target at users who want to date a man or woman from a particular country, region or race.

Users then join these apps – and they mostly have to pay to communicate – only to discover that there are very few serious profiles. Often, there are just fake profiles trying to entice you to pay to read a message. You are almost always more likely to find a higher number of users in your region of choice in a normal mainstream app like Tinder, Bumble, OKCupid or Hinge.

There are some regional dating apps that are truly regional. We attempt to identify them on the individual app review pages.

Below, we have included a list of apps that are regionally targeted but not actually a truly regional app.

Regional Targeting Apps that are NOT Regional

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