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OKCupid (March 2023)

OKCupid offers two subscription types; Basic and Premium. The basic is actually enough for a most users and is the price we show here. The difference between Basic and Premium is that with Premium you can see who likes you, get 3 super likes per week and access to more of the Q&A.

Limits in Free Version

Our testers estimated that you can only send about 50 likes per day in the free version. Although this is fairly generous.

Deal-breaker Filters

We love that there is at least one app offering deal-breaker filters. These are filters that you can set when you want to completely block profiles from appearing to you based on criteria. Like, if they don’t fit your age settings, your distance limits, height, body shape etc. It would be even better if the filters went further by not showing your profile to people who don’t meet the criteria… but that would be a near-perfect app… and we haven’t built it yet!

Deal-breakers are available in Basic subscription plan.


Profile Creation

OKCupid (March 2023) features comprehensive profiles - that is, there are many fields that can be filled and filtered. This is great because the more information profiles can contain, the more likely you are able to filter and find a good match.

Profiles at OKCupid (March 2023) include tags and prompts. Tags give you the chance to show a few of your interests or a little about your lifestyle - or learn those of other daters. Prompts can be a helpful starter to get you writing a little about yourself... and of course to find out more about your potential matches.

Searching / Filtering

On OKCupid (March 2023), - depending on your membership type - you are to search through and filter profiles based on your own criteria. This is great because it means you are not limited to just seeing random profiles that you really may not be interested in anyway. The first filter you will likely use is the location filter. Even as a free user, you are able to edit the location that you want to match in.

Once you have found the profiles you are interested in, you are able to view the photos of those members as a free user.

Sending / Receiving Likes

OKCupid (March 2023) operates with the familiar dating app system where you match with other users when you have both given each other a like.Sending likes is free, however there are limits to how many you can send. If you are a premium member, you can see who has liked you.

To stand out from the crowd, as a premium member, you can send a super-like. Boosts bring your profile to the front of the pack for a short time. These are paid for separate from a subscription.

Matching Aides

OKCupid (March 2023) has a Question & Answer system that can help you identify good matches.


In OKCupid (March 2023), you can send messages to - and read messages from anyone that you have matched with. This is included in the free version of the app. Read receipts can be purchased separately.

It is 100% possible to find a relationship with the free version of OKCupid
It's 100% possible to find a relationship in the free version of OKCupid .

Premium Prices

Sub LengthEUR per month
1 month21.40
3 months16.00
6 months10.50

Pros / Cons


Search Profiles
Comprehensive Profiles
See Profile Photos Free
Send Likes Free
Match for Free
Read Receipts Available
Read Messages Free
Fair Subscription Prices
Well Reviewed (Google Play)


Free likes are limited
Pay to see likes
Many Fake Profiles
Poorly Reviewed (TrustPilot)

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