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j4l (Jump4Love) (March 2023)

Jump4Love – now trying to rebrand as j4l – is a Cyprus based Ukrainian/Russian bride type site. Like many others in this genre, they have a credits-based system and ask absurdly high prices for desperate men to chat with photos of supermodels.

This is because the site is actually just a communication platform that partners with ‘suppliers’ who provide them with female users. The suppliers are paid for this and are incentivised to get conversations going, you spending money, and the website (and supplier) making a nice profit. This also means, as clearly stated in their ‘risk notice policy, that you maybe be speaking with an impersonator, watching pre-recorded videos, and having conversations that are actually just being continued because the girl is being paid.

Read about it here:

Bottom line: “By using the Website, you agree to the possibility of Incentivized Communication and Impersonation.”

Enough said? Just move along.


Matching Aides

j4l (Jump4Love) (March 2023) doesn't include any features to aide in matching, such as: Curated Matches, Compatibility Quizzes/Scores or a Question & Answer system.


Read receipts are not - or may not - be available.

Pros / Cons


Send Messages Free
Read Messages Free
Fair Subscription Prices


Credits/Tokens System
Pay to send messages
Many Fake Profiles
Poorly Reviewed (TrustPilot)
No Android App
No Apple App


Sold Separately

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