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Bidirectional Filters

When a dating app features bidirectional filters, other users who have traits that you filter out are also not shown your profile. Most apps offer filters and limit the people shown in your search results or card stacks based on those filters. But users who don’t meet those filters can still see your profile and they may still send you a like – wasting your time. 

With bidirectional filters, anyone who doesn’t met your filtered search also doesn’t get to see your profile. If you block a trait – for example a religion, ethnicity, sexuality, physical trait, personality trait, hobby etc – users meeting this criteria wont just be filtered from your card stack or search results… they will also never be presented your profile.Therefore, you can avoid being matched or liked by people that don’t meet your criteria – thus saving you from a lot of spam and effort in filtering your likes.

Bidirectional filers are a feature we have never seen – at least not in the form that we (at OnlineDating HQ) envision.

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